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It kind-of looks like she's smirking, not smiling. I actually got to bundle her up a little in winter clothes earlier this week. I was SO excited. You can't really tell in this picture, but her sweater is SPARKLY.....I saw it and I knew she had to have it!! Although the sparkly pink sweater with fur and hoody is very cute, I did also discover that almost all her long pants now look like capris and I really need to get he some that fit. She's growing so fast, it's hard to believe that the NB size used to be too big for her.

I actually have a pretty busy month coming up.....aside from the normal full time job, I'll be doing quite a bit of belly dancing. I'm both excited and a little afraid. I have not even tried on any of my bra & belt sets. Thank God all the skirts I have are stretchy. It kind of makes me want to work-out frantically until November hits and I have something belly dance related going almost every weekend. I guess it is a good motivator to keep going on Weight Watchers.

I still have not even started Violet's or my costume and Halloween is coming up way too quickly. I plan on sewing like crazy this weekend and I took the next two Friday's off. I just love Halloween and wanted to spend the whole day with Violet enjoying it. My husband thinks I'm silly, but for me the holidays have always started with Halloween. I have always loved getting dressed up....why should I have to stop just because I'm an adult now?? Having a daughter just makes it that much more fun.

She's actually eight months old today. I can't wait for the holidays, even though she's still too young to really understand what's going on. I was thinking of taking her to the pumpkin patch. Of course Robert asked why. She's so into looking around and touching everything, even though she's young I thought she might really enjoy it. If nothing else I would love all the cute pictures...like we don't already have enough pictures :).