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Just a quick note to self....

PUT THE FOOD DOWN!!!! For God's sake, please stop eating!!! I don't know what the hell is wrong with me these past couple months, but I cannot say no to bread...or any other kind of food for that matter. I SWEAR that I am going to start using the Weight Watchers on-line that I am paying for monthly again TOMORROW!!! And who knows, maybe I'll even get up off my a$$ and do a little exercise instead of just waiting to get my exercise when I'm dancing on the weekends. Good grief, enough already! Snap out of it!


Violet's New Pool

I got this for her on Mother's day. She got so much enjoyment out of it before she got sick that night. She was so very cute in her pink ruffle-butt bikini!!!! Sorry the video itself sucks....but her laugh is too funny, make sure to turn up the volume :).

Costume Closet Revamp

Since I have lost more than just my pregnancy weight and I just plain felt like shopping I have completly revamped my costume wardrobe. I sold some things to buy others then I resold and purchased others again....it's been a real process to finally arrive and something that I'm pretty pleased with. Of course that means that now I have a ton of projects ahead of me to make the costumes I ended up with fit since I purchased them all used. That's just what I needed, more sewing!!!

So starting with what I already had that I kept....

more costume stuff.....Collapse )



It kind-of looks like she's smirking, not smiling. I actually got to bundle her up a little in winter clothes earlier this week. I was SO excited. You can't really tell in this picture, but her sweater is SPARKLY.....I saw it and I knew she had to have it!! Although the sparkly pink sweater with fur and hoody is very cute, I did also discover that almost all her long pants now look like capris and I really need to get he some that fit. She's growing so fast, it's hard to believe that the NB size used to be too big for her.

I actually have a pretty busy month coming up.....aside from the normal full time job, I'll be doing quite a bit of belly dancing. I'm both excited and a little afraid. I have not even tried on any of my bra & belt sets. Thank God all the skirts I have are stretchy. It kind of makes me want to work-out frantically until November hits and I have something belly dance related going almost every weekend. I guess it is a good motivator to keep going on Weight Watchers.

I still have not even started Violet's or my costume and Halloween is coming up way too quickly. I plan on sewing like crazy this weekend and I took the next two Friday's off. I just love Halloween and wanted to spend the whole day with Violet enjoying it. My husband thinks I'm silly, but for me the holidays have always started with Halloween. I have always loved getting dressed up....why should I have to stop just because I'm an adult now?? Having a daughter just makes it that much more fun.

She's actually eight months old today. I can't wait for the holidays, even though she's still too young to really understand what's going on. I was thinking of taking her to the pumpkin patch. Of course Robert asked why. She's so into looking around and touching everything, even though she's young I thought she might really enjoy it. If nothing else I would love all the cute pictures...like we don't already have enough pictures :).


Somewhere between starting a new job, actually getting back into belly dance and Violet cutting her first tooth, I totally forgot that it's August and I usually start my Halloween costume right about now! I think I decided immediately after finding out that I was having a girl that we were both going to be mermaids this year. I even bought this pattern....


Violet's Remix

Look at how she's grown!!!

This picture was taken when she was 8 days old...

This was taken on May 10th at 12 weeks old...

She looks like a different baby!!!

Oh my aching back!!

I'm assuming that she's responsible for this since my back has never hurt like this before!! She's actually up to eleven pounds already, pretty surprising considering that she was so small when she was born. This morning I woke up and had this shooting pain in my lower back. The sciatic pain I had at the beginning of my pregnancy has come back, but it was really intense this morning. It hurt just to roll over in bed. Robert called in to help out and after I took something for it and was able to get around a little I went straight to my chiropractor. I can't even tell you how much better I feel now! It's amazing how much an adjustment can turn the pain around almost immediately. 

Robert wanted to know if I was planning on teaching my class tonight, I sheepishly said yes because I knew what he was going to say to that. I promised not to work too hard, but it's too late at this point for me to find anyone else that can do it for me. Besides, I really missed belly dancing and after doing last week's class I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again. I was really starting to feel a little depressed about not dancing. It was almost three months; I think that's the longest I've ever gone without belly dancing since I started over five years ago. I was worried that my body might have forgotten how to do it!


So I’m off now to work on new choreography for class tonight….hope my body can keep up!!


Violet's Story

This was taken yesterday. Apparently I wasn't able to pull my boob out fast enough and it really upset her, so of course I had to stop and take a picture.

Just a quick picture post....

That seems to be all the time I can spend at the computer these days!

Violet passed out with Robert

And one from last weekend with a new outfit that my mom bought for her