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Violet's Story

This was taken yesterday. Apparently I wasn't able to pull my boob out fast enough and it really upset her, so of course I had to stop and take a picture.

So there was a lot of the birth that didn't go exactly as planned (does anything ever go as planned when it comes to having a child?). I had hoped for a natural birth and the whole water breaking, feel the contraction thing, but obviously Violet had other plans for me. I've always had very low blood pressure and yet somehow at the end of my pregnancy I suddenly had unusually high blood pressure along with a lot of swelling. Because of that and the scarring on my cervix that was preventing me from dilating normally, my doctor decided to induce labor. The obvious advantage to this was that we got to make plans for that day and we also got to make sure that we had everything ready for her…or as ready as you can possibly be for your first child.

We pulled over on the way to the hospital to take this picture that morning....what a beautiful day to have a baby!

Anywho…at 7:30 am on February 16th, 2008 Robert and I arrived at St Joseph’s hospital for our scheduled induction. I guess they had had a really busy night because we waited for about an hour before they had a room ready for us. I finally got into my room and they sent in the anesthesiologist around 9am finally to give me an epidural so my doctor could break up the scarring. It has to be the most bizarre feeling ever to not be able to feel the lower half of your body! Everything went smoothly with that and my doctor moseyed on in around 10am and manually broke up the scarring on my cervix. I can’t even imagine how painful that would have been without the epidural, even with it I could feel the amount of pressure and it took her a while to break it up. After that they started the pitocin drip and it was just a waiting game from there. My mom arrived around noon and the three of us just waited together. For most of the day my cervix was only at 3cm dilated. Around 4pm they were concerned and started bringing up the possibility of a c-section because of that. Thankfully when they came back in a little over an hour I was completely dilated and ready to push….talk about no time to prepare! It’s hard to push when you can’t feel what your body is doing. I think I only pushed about five times and out she came at 5:32 pm (interesting coincidence, I was born at 6:32 pm). She weighed 6 pounds 8.9 ounces, much tinier that I was expecting! Even my doctor thought she’d be in the seven pound range. She breast fed within the hour and we just gushed over her and took a million pictures to commemorate the most important moment in Robert and I’s lives! 

Our new family!!


I have to say that the breastfeeding was very difficult in the hospital. The post natal nurse we got stuck with the two nights I was there was terrible. I think she hurt more than she helped and I left the hospital feeling rather frustrated and worried that I was doing something wrong. Thankfully Lynn came over the next day to help and we’ve been doing well every since. Turns out I wasn’t doing anything wrong….go figure!


Violet did end up with a pretty extreme case of jaundice and we ended up readmitting her for three days that following Wednesday. It was really heart wrenching to have to take her back after having her home for a couple days. I couldn’t stop crying because she had lost weight and her bilirubin levels where at 24.7. They where nice enough to find me a room so I could stay with her and continue breastfeeding after her bilirubin levels came down under 20. She’s finally home and healthy and we just adore her….even when she’s screaming her little head off.


Being a mother has been wonderful, difficult, overwhelming, suprising and extremely fulilling. It’s been an adjustment to say the least. Robert and I have had our share of arguments, but I think we’ve turned a corner and we’re finally getting in to more of a routine. I can’t wait to start belly dancing again, although I’m a little scared that it’s been so long that my body has forgotten how to do it. I guess we’ll see how that goes!


My mom and Violet last weekend.

One of the most surprising outcomes of Violet’s birth is the change in my relationship with my mother. It’s like she finally understands me or something. I can’t even explain it; sometimes I want to ask her if she’s feeling ok because she’s been so helpful and understanding. Even Robert has commented on the change. My mom is so doting and loving with Violet, she thinks everything Violet does is brilliant and adorable. If I had known having a child was all it took to bring about this kind of change in my mother I would have gotten knocked up a long time ago….just kidding!!


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Mar. 27th, 2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
A+, with bonus points for the Mom phenomenon.
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