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Violet Pictures....

 I am relishing in the possibility of two whole hours of sleep right now as my mother-in-law is watching Violet, so this will be short. She's already getting big!! Will post the actual "story" and other stuff later. 

This was (obviously) right after she was born....she is actually quite the little sreamer!

This is on the way home fomr the hospital (the first time...more on that later)

On my birthday, the 24th of February. Only eight days old!!

And this was just a couple days ago. Almost a month old...amazing how fast it all goes. 

Ok....off to nap now!

Ack....tooth ache!!


So the evening of Christmas day I started to get this horrendous tooth ache. I have to admit that I've know for at least six months that I had a cavity in this tooth, but it's never hurt me before so I just let it go. I have dentist issues. When I was younger I had A LOT of issues with my teeth. I spent the better part of junior high in the dentist’s office. I've already had four of my adult molars pulled and my wisdom teeth pulled just to make room in my mouth for all my teeth....along with several years of retainers to straighten out the teeth they actually left in my mouth. Apparently my teeth are too large for my jaw line.....who ever heard of that??

The cutest little booties EVER!!!!!!

 I absolutely LOVE these....I almost want a pair for myself :)



 Their girly stuff is so cute on this web site....maybe I can talk my mom into crocheting a pair of booties like these.

Our first baby purchases


I love pink. It makes having a little girl that much more exciting!! We just found out on the tenth that we were having a girl. I wanted to run out immediately and purchase a pink frilly wardrobe for her!! I've always loved sewing and I'm sure she'll have tons of clothes to play dress up in once she gets older.